Sunday, 23 September 2012

Here is the guide to install custom in android phone without unlocking the bootloader.......

Real ICS custom rom and MIUI can be installed without unlocking the bootloader..

Links to download real ICS

Link to download MIUI

1.Download any one custom rom....
2.Copy the zip file in your phone sd card( dont extract jus copy the zip file)
3.Boot your phone in CWM ( when switch on you phone press volume down button repeadetly)
4.IN CWM mode
    wipe data(reset factory)
    wipe cache
    dalvik chache
    dalvik battery status

    mount n system
    format data
    format system
    format cache

5. Now choose Install zip from SD card

6. Select locked bootloader

7. Select your necessary apps and requirement.

8. Reboot

9. First reboot takes time wait patiently

P.S:- If phone stuck at logo.... dont panic just flash the original kernel pack (refer ma previous post on rooting )


  1. hey my xperia mini suck at sony logo after installing custom rom miui..please help me

    1. try this

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