Thursday, 25 October 2012

Reverse tethering On your android - Broadband on Phone
Have you ever thought of using your Broadband connection on your android phone  ?  The advantage is savings on 3G Bills and High speed connectivity.
All you need it the Reverse tethering Tool on PC & Mobile phone. Its Quite Simple .

1 . Mobile apkdownload
2 . PC Componentdownload

1.Download the files to corresponding devices .Exe File to PC , and apk file to Mobile phone [Copy to device & install using file explorer Or Directly Download ]

2.Extract the pc component.

3.Install the apk file.

4.Turn On USB Debugging on from Developer Options in settings.

5.connect the phone via USB the 'android tool' from the pc component.

7.USB tunnel app will open on its own.

8.Now select the device On PC Client and click connect.

9.Now you can enjoy the superfast broadband on yor mobile


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