Sunday, 4 November 2012


Flashtool Download
Unlocked bootloader( check ma previous blog)

The custom rom which i m using is MiniCM7

Mini  CM7 Download
nAa kernel-14 Download

1.Copy the MiniCM zip file to SD card( dont extract it copy as Zip)
2.Back up your contacts
3.Copy the nAa kernel to C:/Flashtool:/Firmware
4.OPen flahtool
5.Click the bolt icon

6.Select the kernel and select OK
7.In your mobile goto Settings:/Application:/Developer:/USB debugging(make sure USB debugging is ticked)
8.Switch off your phone
9.Connect the USb in phone Hold Back button
10Connect the USB to PC (green light should glow)
Once flashing finished
11Remove the USB
12Switch ON you phone

13.Once the logo appears, press the back button repeatedly to enter CWM.(press volume buttons to move up and down center button to select)
14.Select 'backup and restore -> Backup'
    wipe data(reset factory)
    wipe cache
    dalvik chache
    dalvik battery status

    mount n system
    format data
    format system
    format cache

15.Now choose Install zip from SD card
16.Reboot (first boot will take ~2 mins)


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