Friday, 7 December 2012

1) Are there increased security risks?Not really

2) Does Facetime over 3G still work?Yes

3) Can you still sync everything through iTunesYes

4) Can you still update applications OTA?Yes

5) Can you still update your iOS operating system?If you do so you will loose your jailbreak

6) Will it still connect to LTE just fine?Yes

7) Will lock screen notifications still work?Yes

8) Does it harm the battery life?Some says Yes

9) Do you have to reboot your phone while tethered to your computer, in order for Cydia to restart? For tethered method yes u need and not for untethered method

10) Is there a version of the Swype keyboard that works for it?Not sure

11) Is there a way to go back if you don't like it?Yes

12) Is there a way to make folders where you can put more than 16 apps per folder?Yes

13) Will iMessage still work?Yes

14) Will all songs, videos, text messages, photos, contacts, calendars, etc., be unharmed?Yes


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