Thursday, 11 October 2012

1.Download and install fast boot driver fastboot driver download
2.Download and install htc synch(if u ve htc synch skip this step 2) htc synch download
3.Go to control panel uninstall htc synch only uninstall htc synch dont uninstall drivers.
4.In your phone check your hboot version (To check your hboot, turn off your phone. Hold volume down and press power while continuing to hold volume down. A white screen should load with alot of information on it. The 2nd line will have your hboot version. )

5.In about phone note down your serial number
6.Goto Revolutionary website
7.Select Download for windows fill the detail and press generate key note down the key seperately.
8.Plug in your device to computer
9.In your phone settings>application>Development>Turn USB DEBUGGING ON
10.Extract the revolutionary file you ve downloaded and run it.
11.Input the key u ve received from the website(in newer version it amy not ask)
12.Wait until it do its thing
11.Once done it will ask you "if you want to flash clockwork mode recovery(cwm)
12.Type y and press enter.
13.On your phone you should see S-OFF at the top.
14.Download the Root Zip in your computer and dont extract it keep it as such.
15.Remove the battery in your phone and it put it back
16.Turn on the device by holding volume down and power
17.If the screen reboot in cwm then you are set.
18.Now plub the phone to computer via USB cable.
19.Select the "Mount and Storage" (use volume button to move up and down and use power to select)
20.The SD card directory should pop up on your computer screen
21. Copy the RootZip file to SD card( dont extract it and just paste it )
22.In your phone select  UNMOUNT SD CARD(use your power button to select)
23.In your phone select GOBACK
24.Select "INSTALL ZIP FROM SD CARD" and select RootZip
25.Wait for it to flash
26.Once done select REBOOT SYSTEM NOW
27.Once your phone reboots you ll see  SUPERUSER in your phone

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