Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Inorder to remove the corners first u ve to root the phone(check ma previous posts on rooting)
then download these three files

1 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_MultiResolution_Xperia_GX_Home.apk and put it on your sdcard
1.1 - Rename it to Home.apk
2 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_HomeAdd.apk and put it on your sdcard
2.1 - Rename it to HomeAdd.apk
3 - Download attached v4.2_ICS_HomePreferences.apk and put it on your sdcard
3.1 - Rename it to HomePreferences.apk
4 - Using Root Explorer copy all three files to /system/ (mount /system as R/W)
5 - Change all three files permissions to rw-r--r-- like in the picture given below

this works even in xperia mini,mini pro and active


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