Monday, 8 October 2012

Is your symbian phone
showing memory error???
apps closing automatically?????
 phone is vey very slow and sluggish??????

its because ur phone memory is full.

 U can clear the phone memory for such errors 

According to the China site, there are two ways to format Nokia  smart phone running Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition UI. These two ways are known as “soft reset” and “hard reset”.

1.A “soft reset” is triggered by pressing the *#7370# secret code while the phone is unlock and power on. This secret code will format  phone memory (all user data files are deleted) and restore settings to factory default

2.A "hard reset" First, backup the user data (contacts, messages or SMS, notes, calendar entries, etc) if you’re able to (i.e. the phone is not locked). 

Next, the core steps to trigger a “hard reset” via secret code:

1) Power off the phone.

2) Press these 3 keys simultaneously: CALL key, ASTERISK key (i.e. *), THREE key.

3) Don’t release that 3 keys until I say so.

4) Press the POWER button to power on the phone again and wait.

5) After the NOKIA logo appears, the “Formatting…” keyword will appear after couple of minutes. Now, you’re safe to release that 3 keys.

Finally, the N73 should have been formatted (hard reset) and ready to configure the phone as if it’s just out of the box (suppose the “hard reset” secret code really works)


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